Bigger is Better - HMO Size, Quality and Profits

Bigger is Better - HMO Size, Quality and Profits

Whoever said size doesn’t matter wasn’t talking about HMOs because biggest is certainly better! Not just in square footage and quality of finish for our tenants but also in the returns we achieve for our clients!

Check out a sneak preview of one of our latest client’s HMO developments in Berkshire.

This is our biggest and quirkiest HMOs yet. Cinema rooms, a games room and a flare that you won’t find in any other HMO in Berkshire or anywhere else in the UK.

The HMOs we create for our clients are the pinnacle of high quality HMOs. We ensure they stand out from anything else available, which is how we’re able to fill each room quickly. And because we’re doing thing no one else is attempting, we’re achieving up to £850 per calendar month for a single room!

I you want to know how we’re achieving such results for our investors, I’d love to have a chat. Why not request a free chat with myself to discuss how we can help you invest in HMOS across Berkshire and Surrey to achieve up to £40,000 rental income per annum.

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