Don't freeze with the property market - take advantage!

Don't freeze with the property market - take advantage!

Has there ever been a better time to invest in property?

We are certainly living in unprecedented and uncertain times at the moment and people will be worried and unsure about what to do. But as Warren Buffett once said:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and only greedy when others are fearful!”

It is also the moment of opportunity, similar to 1990 and 2007 when the economy and property markets faced Black Wednesday, interest rates of 17%, a recession and a complete property market collapse and downfall.

The similarities that we can draw are that the investors, the brave and those that have money sitting in the bank, still invested and did the opposite to everyone else. They seized the opportunity and so many were left kicking themselves only two years later wishing they had taken the opportunity and bought property too.

The country will recover, and the property market will rise again.

At the moment the property market is on hold. When we come out of this we will rise again. People will need places to live and the lack of homes available and property being built will not meet the demand so the property markets will grow and flourish again.

The questions are:

  • Are you going to make the most of this OPPORTUNITY?
  • Are you going to make your cash and savings work for you while the majority CAN’T?
  • Are you going to be ready to take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY?
  • Are you ready to THRIVE, rather than survive?
  • Or will you be kicking yourself like so many?!

Investors will be keen to provide sellers with good reliable buyers and keep the bottom of the housing market moving to support progress.  

If you are ready to discuss how we can source you the best investment properties in the UK at possibly the best time EVER TO INVEST then get in touch.