Free Private Meeting for Serious Property Investors

Free Private Meeting for Serious Property Investors

Explore your property investment options, understand your strengths and identify what you should be doing next!

Meet a Property Investing Expert with Over 20 Year’s Experience

Get a taste of our mentorship with a private meeting with Peter Licourinos, our Managing Director, who will personally help you assess your property investment career and take action to achieve more success! Complete the form below to arrange your free meeting.

Upon Booking your free meeting, you’ll also receive a copy of our HMO on Steroids brochure. Our Brochure will explain the strategy in more detail and it will also illustrate how HMO on Steroids has worked for other investors – both seasoned investors and first-time investors.

Request your meeting with a HMO Expert

Complete the form below to request your meeting with our Managing Director and you’ll also receive a copy of our HMO on Steroids brochure.


How we Help Property Investors in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

We tailor our services around what you want and need in today’s market place, providing everything from support with sourcing and building portfolios, managing projects and even mentoring.

A Complete Review

We’ll identify what assets, experience and skill sets you can leverage to make your investing work for you.

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Before we make any suggestions about what you should do next, we identify where you currently are. What assets you have, what experience you have and what unique skill set you can leverage.

Not only will we identify your strengths, but we’ll also identify areas of your existing portfolio where you could release equity and leverage your wealth to make your money work better for you.

Advice & Guidance

There’s no need to panic, we’re here for you at every step of the journey to advise, guide and assist you.

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Property Investing can be daunting, especially if you’re a new or first time property investor, which is why we offer ongoing property investor mentorships that are unlike anything else on the market.

During this mentorship, you will receive extensive guidance and gain access to our wealth of property knowledge. Not to mention, you’ll be able to tap into our select Power Team, the types of property professionals who you’ll need to know in order to successfully invest in Berkshire and Surrey. We’ve spent 20 years building and perfecting our Power Team, and you can tap into it tomorrow.

Bespoke Services

We’ll identify your needs and tailor our bespoke Service Package to meet your exact requirements.

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No two property investors are the same, which is why you can pick and choose the services that will benefit you. A truly bespoke services that matches your requirements exactly!

Once we’ve identified your strengths and set your investment goal, we can put together a bespoke HMO on Steroids Service Package. We can offer everything from sourcing great investment deals, negotiating the best BMV price, securing all the necessary planning and legislation compliance paperwork, all the way through to managing the refurbishment and even letting the property out. However, we tailor this service around you, so if you’ve already got a property purchased, or you want to personally manager the development work, that’s fine with us.

HMO Sourcing

With an understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll actively source the right HMO properties for you.

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We have worked hard to create the best systems to find the best possible opportunities and always negotiate the best prices in the best areas, where we can add value and create value, income and long-term capital.

With unrivalled local knowledge about the HMO market across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey and with a network of valuable sourcing agents, we’re in the best position to identify, assess and secure the best HMO properties before their on any other investor’s radar.

What we achieve for other investors in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

HMO on Steroids is a proven strategy already working for our property investors across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Watch these videos to find out more…