Professional Property Management Service and Tenant Management for HMOs in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

Tried and tested HMO Property Management service, including tenant sourcing, that delivers the best results


HMO Property Managementsourcing tenants and managing your HMO investment

Sourcing tenants, managing the HMO and handling any disputes, our Property Management Service is second to none.

We’re successfully sourcing tenants for our clients, filling 6 bedroom HMOs in a matter of weeks, sometimes in just days – check out some of our case studies for more info.

Once tenanted, we operate a convenient and professional management system, utilising popular technologies like WhatsApp groups to have real-time communication with your tenants. This, along with our unique approach to tenant management, ensures the smooth running of your HMO property.

Our HMO Property Management Service in a Nutshell

  • Rapid tenant sourcing
  • Professional house rules for tenants
  • Specialist HMO Property Managers
  • Keeping your HMO 100% compliant
  • Real-time communication with tenants
  • Smooth running of your HMO

If you'd like to discover more about our Tenant Sourcing and HMO Property Management service, please book a free initial call, where we can discuss your exact requirements.

Working with professional business partners

An unbeatable HMO Management team

To offer the best letting and property management service possible, both to you and your tenants, we’ve partnered up with White Horse Property Consultants. With over 50 years’ of HMO experience, White Horse, combined with our HMO on Steroids team, achieve high tenancy retention with minimum void periods – often letting our 6 bed HMO in just a matter a weeks.

Property Management by White Horse Property