HMO Property Sourcing Service

HMO Property Sourcing Service in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

The best HMO Property Sourcing Service producing properties with incredible potential and negotiating BMV purchase prices for our investors

Finding the best HMO deals in the best areas before any other property investors

Our HMO Property Sourcing Service is a proven success, already working for our investors across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

  • Purchasing at 5-10% Below Market Value (BMV)
  • Achieving 8-15% Rental Yields
  • Generating an income of £30,000 – £40,000 per annum

If you’re a serious property investor, interested in finding great Investment properties, fill out the form below and we’ll begin looking for HMO properties for you!


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Sourcing great HMO properties

Our HMO Property Sourcing Service is second to none, identifying the best HMO opportunities across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey and negotiating the best deals. Tap/Drag to discover how we do it…

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Not Just a HMO Property Sourcing Service

As well as sourcing you HMO Properties, we’ll also negotiate your deal to secure 5-10% BMV Prices

Finding a great deal isn’t the only thing we’ll do for you! Our Managing Director, with over 20 years’ experience in property, will personally negotiate the purchase of your investment property! With a track record of negotiating deals for our clients across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, we’ve been securing HMO Properties for as much as 10% BMV! By negotiating hard on the price, we’re able to keep your costs down and maximise your profits!

How does 8-15% returns, adding significant value immediately, benefiting from long-term capital growth and an income of £30,000 per year from a single property sound to you? We’re already sourcing properties for serious investors and we’d love to source your next (or first) investment property for you! Complete the form on this page and arrange a meeting with our Managing Director to identify exactly what you’re looking for and to identify how we can help you find the best properties and achieve the best returns!