Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

In the past, Peter has discussed the use of intelligent investing as well as the importance of investigative style research before any purchase is made. It is essential that you understand not just your local property market, but also the wider UK Property Market.

What does the London Property Market tell us?

The average rental yield achieved in prime areas of central London was at 3.35% in December. The highest level since as far back at April 2012, which has happened because of rising rents and downwards pressure on house prices.

Despite overwhelming political uncertainty, activity in the letting industry remains high. In London for the month of November, there was an annual increase of 12.3% in new tenancies. 

In December average rental values in central London have increased by on 1.1%. Created by landlords looking to sell their portfolios in response to tax reforms.

The number of new tenants registering in London has seen an upwards curve since early 2018. Because those numbers are said to rise again in 2019, we can feel confident in the lettings industry.

Now is the time to invest in property to achieve higher income, added value and long term gain, so you shouldn’t delay making that purchase. 

 “We are working with investors across residential property, commercial, land and much more, there are opportunities everywhere!”

HMO on Steroids is about maximising the changes in the property market. And of course, profits and helping investors get the most out of their money and investments. Peter has been working with HMO’s for almost two decades….

HMOs are fast replacing the buy-to-let market and the rental returns are higher and stronger with less voids. This alongside against lower prices and better negotiated deals is providing our investors out-standing yield and great long-term opportunity!

Pete;s advice to you, as a property investor, is to get educated. Research, research, research! Area and market and work with the very best people in local property and take action before it is too late!

If you’re ready to invest in your next property

If you are serious about investing in property and would like to discuss investing in HMOs, we’d love to hear from you! You can find out more information about our HMO Services here.

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