A Diamond in the Rough – Spotting a great investment opportunity

A Diamond in the Rough – Spotting a great investment opportunity

I wanted to share one of our investments with you. Because there are some great investment opportunities out there if you get creative and if you know what to look for when sourcing investment properties.

This specific investment was on Rightmove for 3 months and was overpriced before we looked at it. We did our research on the property and on the area and we saw what a great investment property it could be, despite being overpriced. Now, we’ll make approximately £190,000 profit on the garage alone!

Have a watch of our video to see exactly why it was such a great investment property.

Watch our on-site video of one of our most profitable investments

A bit about this investment opportunity

With an estimated £190,000 profit by splitting the title and developing the large double garage into a two bedroom coach house. This extra property comes with an estimated cost of about £105,000 and is expected to sell for £300,000 to £350,000. This is on top of the profits from the main dwelling.

We turned the ground floor into a beautiful open plan kitchen living and we created two large double bedrooms with en-suites upstairs.

Make your offer on an investment property

After our initial offer being laughed at, we waited and went back in with a counteroffer. Eventually, we managed to source this property for under the asking price and what an investment it has been! So if you’re worried about your offer being laughed at, just go ahead and do it.

Make sure you do the research on your investment opportunities

We did our research and found that it backed onto a quiet road that we could develop on. We found that we could quickly get the planning permission needed. We went up 6 bricks and put a double dormer on the property to go up by 6 bricks, which is all we’ll need. And we checked that the overhanging tree didn’t have a TPO on it, which was important.

Take action towards your next investment

If you’d like to discuss our unique approach to property investing, our criteria for what makes a good investment opportunity or would like to arrange a tour of our investment properties across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, please get in touch today. We’d love to have a Covid-safe chat with you, either face to face or over a video call to help you discover your next move. Act today and request a free meeting with Peter Licourinos.