Strength in Uncertainty

Strength in Uncertainty

In recent months, the average property price in the UK began to fall, this according to the major house price indices. 

So is this the start of a more serious decline, or a simply a temporary blip? 

Founder of HMO on Steroids Peter Licourinos only sees opportunity…

“2019 is certainly going to be a year of Property opportunity and we are ready!”

“Over the past 20 years I have seen many ups and down in the property market and economy and have enjoyed many successes, learnt many lessons and bought hundreds of great investments for our clients along the way.”

There is no doubt that the last year has been a turbulent one for the UK economy, that same uncertainty has followed us into 2019…

“Over the past twenty years, in-fact over the past seventy years (even through black Wednesday) one thing remains consistent and that is property long term works and always has and now and again you get opportunities like 2019 will present to us.”

“For me,” Peter Licourinos continues,“this is going to be the year to take action, the year to carefully buy, gain the best deals in the right areas. This is something we’ve been doing for all the clients we are work with.”

As you know, we specialise in maximising investment for ourselves and for our clients, through property, this includes:

  • HMO’s completed professionally with returns of over 10%, over £30,0000 per year, adding significant value from day one.
  • Sourcing: The best properties in our goldmine’s areas including Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.
  • Portfolio Building: Sit back and let us do the hard work for you.
  • Land: We buy and sell.
  • Residential and Commercial Development: We build and develop ourselves and source and trade for our clients
  • Refurbs, HMO Building, Development: Our teams design, renovate and build.

So, If you are serious about kick starting your property business in 2019, building a portfolio or simply finding a fantastic investment, then it’s about time we met up for a coffee! Click here to arrange your meeting with Pete today.

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